Most window treatments are left closed almost all of the time—for privacy, sun control, or just because they are hard to reach. In those cases, your windows may as well be walls. With Lutron controllable shading systems, you will use your window treatments all the time and enjoy the full benefits of all your windows every day.

From simple manual roller and Roman shades to sophisticated systems using Sivoia QED™ (Quiet Electronic Drive) technology, Lutron custom-manufactures every single shade. Select from a variety of fabrics with different looks, colors and functions (light-filtering, privacy or blackout).

We also provide automated drapery track systems using Sivoia QED™ and QS™ technology. Simply hang your own drapery panels to our track.

Consider the rooms of your home. Your living room may double as a home theater, requiring blackout shades for movie-theater darkness. In your living room, you’d like to control the intense sunlight, without obscuring the view. Explore a few examples of how natural light control can enhance the beauty and functionality in any space.

The family room is often a home’s central gathering point, the room that sees the widest range of activities. A Lutron shading system offers push-button access to the perfect daylight level for all your activities, from watching TV without a glare to brightening your favorite reading corner.

Perhaps no room benefits more from remote-controlled shading systems than the bedroom. Greet the morning light from the comfort of your bed or close the draperies to create the perfect dark room for a weekend nap. Easily maintain as much privacy as you desire.

Whether your home features a dedicated space or a multi-purpose TV room, a Lutron shading system can transform any room into a home theater. Automatically lower blackout shades and dim the lights to start the show in style.

Today’s bathrooms are designed to be private retreats. To enhance the relaxation, close the shades behind your soaking tub from a convenient control on the wall. Enjoy privacy fabrics that still transmit soft, pleasant sunlight.

Lutron systems can connect every shade and light in your home, providing convenience and security. Push one button to make sure every shade is down, every drapery closed as you leave the house, or open them all and turn on the lights as you approach late at night.

Even while you’re away, your Lutron system can mimic your daily routine of adjusting shades and dimming and raising the lights so your house appears occupied. Our systems can also monitor sunlight and adjust the shades automatically throughout the day for the most U/V protection and thermal efficiency possible.

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